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We welcome you to the Zulu Kingdom

Our Kingdom is a kaleidoscope showing you natural wonders, ultra-modern facilities, fascinating glimpses of a multi- cultured people, a history rich in heroic deeds, bloody battles and ultimately, reconciliation- all set against a majestic backdrop of sun, sea, mountains and sky.

We welcome you - enjoy our land - meet our people - and we hope that when you leave - you will want to return - again and again.
The legacy of our Zulu Kingdom's critical, blood-soaked conflicts today lives peacefully -reconciled in this fascinating region's myriad Battlefield Sites, Historic Towns, National Monuments and Museums - and in HQS of the British regiments that make a 'pilgrimage' to these fields of bravery and supreme sacrifice.

Why leave all of this to the imagination, when knowledgeable guides will accompany you on tours of the Battlefields, talking you through each battle, debating the strategies used, the numbers who perished and the medals and rewards won by the brave.

If these legends inspire your adventurous spirit, there are more pleasurable ways of assuaging it than battle. White- water rafting down the rapids of the mighty Tugela, sailing on the Chelmsford Dam, and hunting in the designated hunting reserves - this region offers all of these pursuits.

Consummate shoppers will always find a way to practice their skill at tracking down a good bargain, and this area provides the chance at any of the large number of factory outlets selling everything from blown glass to pork sausages and baby products.

Sub-tropical forests, blue lagoons, golden beaches, rocky coves, the warm Indian Ocean and sunny weather make KwaZulu- Natal's south coast a popular year-round holiday resort for both local and international visitors. Accommodation varies from up-market hotels to camping facilities, and everything in between.

Swim in the surf or just laze on the beach, working on your suntan. Four beaches, namely Margate , Ramsgate, Marina Beach and Hibberdene, have International 'Blue Flag' status.

For the golfer, this coast is close to golfing paradise. Named by many 'The Golf Coast', there are nine excellent 18- hole golf courses, two of which are rated amongst the top 12 in the country.

If you want to commune with nature, visit the Umtavuna nature reserve, which conserves plants found nowhere else in the world or go birding - 400 different types of birds have been counted along this coastline.

Scuba diving is a popular sport with excellent deep-sea diving areas at Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks. Try surfing at the internationally acclaimed surf spots or go abseiling in the Oribi Gorge. Breathtaking is the way you would describe both the scenery and your feelings as you plunge over the edge and swing high over the deep gorge.

Every winter, there is the phenomenon of the sardine run - millions of sardines migrate up the coast and people come from far and wide to scoop up buckets of this natural harvest.

Start your holiday on the right foot - start it at Marina Beach.